Star Trek: Voyager

State of Flux

Episode 44

Friday, 9 September 2022

Janeway glances sceptically at Maje Culluh, a Kazon more than a foot taller than her.

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 1, Episode 11

Stardate: 48658.2

First broadcast on Monday, 10 April 1995

A barely secret conspirator has been selling Federation technology to the Kazon Nistrim in a weird alternative timeline where there are more than seven people on board the ship, where Chakotay has agency and interesting things to do, and where we really feel like we’re stranded tens of thousands of light years from home. Plus, Seska is here!

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Star Trek: Voyager

The Swarm

Episode 9

Friday, 31 December 2021

B’Elanna, Dr Zimmerman and the Doctor lean over a console

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 3, Episode 4

Stardate: 50252.3

First broadcast on Wednesday, 25 September 1996

When the Doctor’s hard drive starts to fill up with opera, romantic relationships and all the complex glories of being human, he finds himself increasingly unable to fulfil his function as Voyager’s Chief Medical Officer — instead becoming a heartbreaking analogue of your dad suffering from dementia. Also, a bunch of space things happen that we couldn’t possibly care about.

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Star Trek: Voyager

Before and After

Episode 41

Friday, 19 August 2022

A boring shot of Kes, the Doctor and Tom Paris standing in sickbay, apparently looking concerned about something. The Doctor has hair, upsettingly.

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 3, Episode 21

Stardate: Unknown (2379–2369)

First broadcast on Wednesday, 9 April 1997

This week, Joe and Nathan find themselves travelling backwards in time to 1997, when they first watched and enjoyed the Star Trek: Voyager episode Before and After, only to find themselves infected with a deadly [tech], which will be going to have activated some time later (or earlier) when they undergo [tech] therapy in the Doctor’s new [tech] treatment [tech]. Meanwhile, Harry has apparently married a toddler or something, which seems upsetting and highly inappropriate.

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Star Trek: Voyager

The Raven

Episode 19

Friday, 11 March 2022

A raven, its wings outstretched, flies towards us  along the corridor of a ruined spaceship

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 4, Episode 6

Stardate: Unknown (2374)

First broadcast on Wednesday, 8 October 1997

In this week’s meeting of the Jeri Ryan Appreciation Society, we watch the most aggressively average Star Trek episode the Randomiser can find, only to discover that there’s still a lot of fun to be had — hilariously sluggish action scenes, a shockingly low-effort Intransigent Alien Race, and some wonderfully subtle and nuanced performances from Ethan Phillips, Tim Russ and Jeri Ryan.

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Star Trek: Voyager

The Killing Game / The Killing Game, Part II

Episode 21

Friday, 25 March 2022

Seven of Nine, wearing lipstick, a silver dress and her hair down talks into a microphone. Behind her there is a pianist with his back to us.

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 4, Episodes 18–19

Stardate: 51715.2

First broadcast on Wednesday, 4 March 1998

It’s business as usual on Star Trek this week, as the crew of Voyager find themselves in an episode of Secret Army which has been cast, written and directed by latex-headed aliens in Nazi uniforms. Will Voyager’s extensive back catalogue of holodeck programs persuade the Hirogen that there’s more to life than festooning your bulkheads with human skulls? Or will the Captain be forced (reluctantly) to kill Seven of Nine first?

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Star Trek: Voyager


Episode 34

Friday, 24 June 2022

Captain Janeway is sitting next to Inspector Kashyk, a handsome man in a tight short-sleeved shirt. She is looking into his eyes and touching his upper arm.

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 5, Episode 10

Stardate: Unknown (2375)

First broadcast on Wednesday, 16 December 1998

This week: a clever script, a complete absence of banter, a frog alien that scores zero on the B’omar Scale, astonishingly good incidental music by Mahler and Tchaikovsky, and two outstanding performances from Mark Harelik and Kate Mulgrew — all working together perfectly to create one of Voyager’s Best Episodes Ever. Enjoy. (You will.)

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Star Trek: Voyager


Episode 3

Friday, 19 November 2021

B'Elanna on the holodeck looking at her horrific CGI baby

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 7, Episode 12

Stardate: 54452.6

First broadcast on Wednesday, 24 January 2001

It’s our first trip to the Delta Quadrant, and we have questions that need answering. Is B’Elanna’s father a massive racist or just a regular-sized racist? Which is more convincing: Tom and B’Elanna’s baby or an 8472 in a well-lit room? And can we maintain focus all the way through a 45-minute episode of Voyager without a single space anomaly?

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Star Trek: Voyager