Episode 89

Friday 17 November 2023

Two giant salamanders are lying on the ground. Between them, emerging from a hole, are some adorable but slimy little baby salamanders.

Star Trek: Voyager

Series 2, Episode 15

Stardate: 49373.4

First broadcast on Monday 29 January 1996

– Guess who I get to meet today. The Creator of Fair Haven, Captain Proton himself: Lieutenant Tom Paris!

– No way! That’s awesome! Is he still a salamander?

– No, that’s not… It was a celerity-induced accelerated somatic mutation rate, and he’s fine now. He was the first human to break the transwarp barrier, and today, he’s on the Cerritos!

Boimler and Mariner, We’ll Always Have Tom Paris

When I first read that script, I couldn’t believe they were going to shoot it.

Robert Duncan McNeill

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Star Trek: Voyager