The Host

Episode 75

Friday 28 July 2023

Dr Crusher is in the turbolift with a handsome man with a lot of latex on his forehead and 90s-era romance novel  cover hair. They are both looking at us with goofy expressions on their faces.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Series 4, Episode 23

Stardate: 44821.3

First broadcast on Monday 13 May 1991

Star Trek: The Next Generation makes another ill-judged attempt at romance this week, as Beverly Crusher has an eventful two-week relationship with an alien ambassador, Commander Riker, and an attractive young woman, who are all somehow the same person. It all goes as well as you would expect in a series where every episode returns reliably to the status quo before the credits roll.

(Warning: after the closing credits, there are some incidental spoilers for Strange New Worlds Series 2, Episode 7, Those Old Scientists.)

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Star Trek: The Next Generation