Episode 74

Friday 21 July 2023

A frame from a cartoon. Spock and Kirk are standing in front of a cliff, chest deep in water. Behind Kirk, two sinuous green arms emerge from the water to menace him.

Star Trek: The Animated Series

Series 2, Episode 2

Stardate: 7403.6

First broadcast on Saturday 14 September 1974

It’s a low-effort week here at Untitled Star Trek Project, as we pour dozens of crisp American dollars into animating a hilarious encounter between Kirk, Spock, some lizard men in nappies, and an alien who can detach his bits at will, and then spend some time wondering why on earth we bothered.

Duration: 0:48:22 · Recorded on Monday 17 July 2023 · Download · Open in new window

Star Trek: The Animated Series