The Changing Face of Evil

Episode 73

Friday 14 July 2023

A close up of a Cardassian man's face. It's Damar, and he's looking as bold and resolute (and as handsome) as he's ever looked.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Series 7, Episode 20

Stardate: Unknown (2375)

First broadcast on Wednesday 28 April 1999

After the Breen attack Starfleet Headquarters on Earth, Ben Sisko (Alan Dale), fearing for the safety of his new wife Kasidy (Lisa Armytage), gets all of her upcoming missions cancelled, with predictable results. Elsewhere on the station, Ezri (Annie Jones) and Worf (Guy Pearce) bicker about her budding relationship to Julian (Peter O’Brien). On Bajor, Kai Winn (Vivean Gray) and her new lodger Anjohl (Ian Smith) are planning to unleash the pah-wraiths on an unsuspecting galaxy. Which puts into perspective the plans of Legate Damar (Stefan Dennis), who merely wants to kick the Dominion out of Lassiter’s so that he can look at himself in the mirror without cringing.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine