The Price

Episode 82

Friday 22 September 2023

Beverly and Deanna are in a gym on the Enterprise standing in front of a mirrored wall. They are doing stretching exercises, dressed in the most horrendous sparkly leotards imaginable.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Series 3, Episode 8

Stardate: 43385.6

First broadcast on Monday 13 November 1989

Comfort food this week, as Star Trek: The Next Generation tries and fails to create a romantic comedy about an exciting new space wormhole. Deanna learns a valuable lesson about the dangers of enjoying herself, some Ferengi learn an urgent lesson about paying attention to their GPS, and the rest of us learn a timely lesson about straight, white American men in the late 1980s. We still have fun though.

Duration: 1:07:35 · Recorded on Tuesday 19 September 2023 · Download · Open in new window

Star Trek: The Next Generation