Episode 15

Friday 11 February 2022

Picard, Riker and Troi all hug outside of the Troi-Rikers' house on Nepenthe.

Star Trek: Picard

Series 1, Episode 7

Stardate: Unknown (2399)

First broadcast on Thursday 5 March 2020

Picard and Soji arrive on the planet Nepenthe, where their confusion and self-doubt are assuaged by the planet’s atmophere, by the love of trustworthy old friends, and by some really good wood-fired pizza. Meanwhile, Agnes vomits two or three times, a beloved secondary character is horribly murdered, and a pretty young Romulan is trapped on a Borg cube with little hope of escape. On balance, we think it’s a win.

Duration: 1:16:26 · Recorded on Monday 10 January 2022 · Download · Open in new window

Star Trek: Picard