Heart of Glory

Episode 111

Friday 24 May 2024

We're in an Enterprise corridor. There are three Klingons here. The two on the left are in traditional Klingon armor, but on the right is Worf, with his short Season 1 hair, looking concerned at something off camera.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Series 1, Episode 20

Stardate: 41503.7

First broadcast on Monday 21 March 1988

Long before the invention of Ronald D Moore, the Klingons were simple souls who enjoyed brownface, poisoning grain, making lists of rules, and planting a bomb on the bridge of the Enterprise. But by 2364, the next generation of Klingons had embraced the wave of liberalism sweeping across the galaxy, all except for a few holdouts who refused to read the series bible and decided they would pass their time yelling and pointing guns at the warp core instead.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation