Episode 110

Friday 17 May 2024

Worf is standing in Ten Forward. He is holding out his tricorder, which he is using to monitor how dilated Keiko is as she is giving birth. Keiko's spread legs are visible in the foreground, covered decorously  with a shimmering space bedsheet.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Series 5, Episode 5

Stardate: 45156.1

First broadcast on Monday 21 October 1991

In this week’s outstanding instalment of Competent People Solving Space Problems, the Enterprise is hit by an unexpected and dangerous premise which separates the crew into five distinct subplots and forces each of them to confront their greatest fears. Deanna contends with yet another fibriform space anomaly, Geordi faces the horrors of a Gilbert and Sullivan patter song, Worf takes on the unlikely and challenging role of midwife, Data finds himself having to leave his genitals in another room, and Picard is trapped in a confined space and compelled to be nice to people for a while.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation