If Memory Serves

Episode 80

Friday 8 September 2023

We are on the surface of a rock planet, and we can see a shuttlecraft in the distance. Michael Burnham is here. She bends over to take  a closer look at some delicate blue flowers.

Star Trek: Discovery

Series 2, Episode 8

Stardate: 1532.9

First broadcast on Thursday 7 March 2019

The second season of Star Trek: Discovery comes to a climax as Spock commemorates Star Trek’s first pilot by taking Michael to Talos IV so that they can both stand around a bunch of singing flowers, weepily recounting their formative childhood traumas. Meanwhile, Paul and Hugh are not the first people to experience difficulties maintaining a romantic relationship after one partner has died. Anyway, Nathan has fun, even if no one else does.

Duration: 1:19:03 · Recorded on Tuesday 5 September 2023 · Download · Open in new window

Star Trek: Discovery