Episode 69

Friday 16 June 2023

It's sunset. Two people are sitting in a dinghy facing one another. On the left, and orange lizard lady in a shiny jumpsuit: on the right is Trip in his Starfleet uniform. There is a bowl of white crystals between them.

Star Trek: Enterprise

Series 1, Episode 5

Stardate: Unknown (2151)

First broadcast on Wednesday 17 October 2001

This week, Enterprise Chief Engineer Charles Tucker III is pregnant, and Nathan and Joe expect to be embarrassed and offended by the result. Instead, they are delighted to find themselves merely bored. (In fact, Nathan thinks the first half of the episode is rather sweet and charming, but he’s an incurable romantic where lizard people are concerned.)

Duration: 1:09:16 · Recorded on Monday 5 June 2023 · Download · Open in new window

Star Trek: Enterprise