Blaze of Glory

Episode 23

Friday 8 April 2022

In the cockpit of a runabout, a handcuffed Eddington and Sisko  eye one another warily.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Series 5, Episode 23

Stardate: Unknown (2373)

First broadcast on Monday 12 May 1997

Previously, on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Tired of being a supporting character in a thankless role, Michael Eddington leaves DS9 to star heroically in a TV show which we never see and which exists entirely in his own imagination. After most of the cast and crew are killed by Cardassians — which can happen — and he himself is imprisoned for treason, he is recruited by Sisko for one final mission — to stop a deadly attack on Cardassia that is also entirely imaginary. Hero, traitor, or just some asshole with bad hair and a penchant for lavish Broadway musicals? Let’s find out.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine